Will Apple raise iPhone prices

A special event of Apple is taking place at the Theater of Steve Jobs in Cupertino, California campus. Thus, it is overshadowing with the help of the trade war between the U.S. and China.

In crosshairs, a novel crop of iPhones and the power of pricing is wielding by Apple.

Thus, stock of around 36% is outperforming the increase by around 20% in S&P’s. There is the expectancy of increase amongst the large investors.

Because of the upcoming tariffs, there is an increase in the Chinese goods and comprises of own products.

Dan Ives, Managing Director, Wedbush claims different companies of U.S affect the trade tension. Hence, ‘poster child’ for trade between the US and China is continuing the battle of Apple in the Street of eyes. It is running rampant where the latest tariffs are substantially increasing the cost of iPhones.

Event is occurring less than the month where Apple is receiving the break of trade-war. Thus, tariffs of U.S Trade Representative’s office mentions of hitting around USD 350 Bn Chinese goods. It consists of Apple products and is not clear about what will happen in the season of holiday shopping. Therefore, it is very important in high-gear.

Tim Cook, CEO is bending President Trump regarding the negative impact of tariffs. Thus, it is having a company against rivals like Samsung.

Gausia Chowdhury and Shawn Harrison, Analyst, Cleveland-Longbow Research is calculating the necessity of iPhone tariffs. Hence, iPhone tariffs are necessary for increasing the prices of Apple.

It mentions about estimating 16% of iPhone tariff needing increase by around USD 69. Thus, it is important to offset the impact.

Various Wall Street are thinking that Apple is waiting for increasing the price of the iPhone.

Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Analyst, New York mentions different tariffs of the US on China are making laptops and cellphones. It is delaying on increasing the prices of Apple. Thus, new models of the iPhone are selling for around USD 750, USD 1000 and USD 1,100.

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