Why Update Twitter Asap?

Twitter is a popular social networking platform. And if you are an ardent Twitter user and scroll through it very often then update your app as soon as possible, especially if you are an Android user.

This is because recently twitter has revealed that it’s Android app is vulnerable to security risks. It could allow hackers to access your non-public account details and take control of your account to forward direct messages and tweets.

As per the information posted on the Twitter Privacy Center blog the security breach could allow hackers to gain unauthorized access to user’s information like location details and secured tweets. Hackers can take control of your account by placing malicious code into prevented storage areas of the app, thereby putting millions of users’ security at risk.  

However, later a tweet from Twitter Support stated that the problem has been addressed for android version 7.93.4 (KitKat release-November) and android version 8.18 (Lollipop release-October).

Therefore, if you are twitter enthusiast then you need to update your app to the latest version. Nevertheless, in all these security threats Twitter’s iOS apps were not affected. iOS users can still keep on scrolling their apps without worry.  

Furthermore, the blog also expressed that presently there is no strong evidence in support of the fact. There is no specific confirmation that the security of the app has been exploited. But still, Twitter is taking a proactive step to fix the issue. It is sending emails to its users who are at higher risk of facing such security exploitations. It is informing its users about the process of updating the app.

Well, this security breach doesn’t appear similar to one hacker used in August to invade Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account. However, by this one can easily gauge the extent up to which Twitter and Android can allow security flaws.


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