What causes you breath bad?

Bad breath is a common issue. It is a significant cause of worry and embarrassment among many individuals. Despite hard efforts, many people suffer from stinky breath. However, if this condition is persistent and doesn’t go away easily then it is a sign of something more serious. It might be halitosis.

Halitosis is a chronic bad breath. It is a condition responsible for emanating unpleasant odor from your mouth that is consistent and doesn’t go away.

Reasons for Bad Breath
If you experience bad breathe you might have a respiratory infection in airways, lungs or sinuses.
Diabetes is another notable cause of the foul-smelling mouth.

A condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis caused due to deficiency of insulin leads to the secretion of foul-smelling elements, ketones. The diabetic ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition and can also cause the death of a person in many cases.
Being overweight also contributes to the risk of halitosis. Consumption of protein-rich and dairy products leads to the release of amino acid, thereby providing a way for bacteria to grow.

Frequent smoking and alcohol consumption makes your mouth vulnerable to foul-smelling. Excessive alcohol intake dehydrates your mouth and makes it a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply.
Kidney and renal diseases are also risk factors for chronic halitosis. The inability of kidneys to excrete toxins paves the path for the smell to get through your breath.

Lung cancer is also a cause of the fishy smell. Even doctors diagnose lung cancer based on unpleasant mouth smell. In many cases, bad breath can also help in the diagnosis of heart complications.
Bad breath issues can also develop due to acid and Gastroesophageal reflux. The condition further leads to the decay of food in the gut and releases odor along with the breath.
Thus, to avert the risk of halitosis one should maintain distance to alcohol and smoking.

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