Top technology trends that will govern the automotive industry in 2020

The automotive industry is undergoing a huge transformation. In years to come, technology is set to rule industry through various advancements. 

The top five trends that are set to govern automotive in the year 2020 include:

1.) Vehicle VPNs and cybersecurity
With the rise of connected and autonomous vehicles security solutions are also out in the market. To protect connected vehicles against potential threats Virtual Private Networks and cybersecurity solutions are being launched. Integrating these technology solutions will allow car owners and manufacturers to safeguard their vehicles from cyber attacks. 

2.) AI to get passenger aware
Smart systems are being integrated into vehicles for enabling comfortable rides for users. Moreover, through image processing and artificial intelligence techniques vehicles are being trained to recognize their owners to facilitate keyless operation.

3.) Multimodal mobility
Multimodal transportation is a new big thing in the automotive segment. With e-vehicles and ride-sharing services hitting road transportation is witnessing reformations like never before.
Additionally, big data tools are simplifying data analysis and aggregation. With this huge data at disposal public and private partnerships are being fostered for implementing efficient and flexible multimodal transportation. 

4.) Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication
Courtesy to V2X! With this technology now vehicles will be able to make smart decisions based on real-time data analysis. It will enable vehicles to aggregate data from the surrounding environment to make rides safer and efficient. The seamless connectivity of IoT will help vehicles to assess and monitor their functionalities on their own, without any human intervention.

5.) Advanced sensors to identify glitches on route
With sensors by your side, now you can check terrain before you reach the destination. By embedding more advanced sensors like LiDAR and thermal in autonomous vehicles drivers will be able to identify potential imperfection along the road ahead of time. The smart sensors will allow drivers to customize their journey as per the terrain of the route. 


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