This is how you can beat winter Blues!

Shorter days and reduced sunlight, the colder days do not delight everyone. As per research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Google searches on mental illness tend to peak during dreary and dark months of the winter season. And this is indicative of the fact that mental health and wellness are associated with seasonal changes. This is why the colder months prove to be harsh for individuals suffering from seasonal affective disorders (SAD).

Luckily, to ward off these winter blues here are some tips that can help you beat anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

  1. Talk and surround yourself with people: Sharing your feeling with someone closer to you can help you lighten your mood. It can help you keep motivated and distracted from anxiety and woes.
  2. Get some sun exposure: Daily spending 10-15 minutes under sunlight can help you manage symptoms of SAD. It can help you keep warm as well as happy.
  3. Resort to light therapy: This is an effective method to cope up with SAD. Light therapy may involve exposure to bright light sources which can also be a lamp. Also, make sure to keep your room well-lit and illuminated.
  4. Have proper sleep: A good quality sleep worth 7-8 hours is essential to ensure good mental well being. It will help you keep refreshed and positive throughout the day long.
  5. Eat healthily: An unhealthy diet can be a risk factor for depression and anxiety. Therefore, eating healthy is highly recommended for people suffering from SAD. Mostly, seasonal vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins should be consumed for better mental health.
  6. Routine Exercise: Integrating exercise in daily routine can help improve mental functioning. Particularly, if you have SAD or other related mental disorders this is highly beneficial.

Follow these easy steps and keep troublesome winter blues at bay!


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