The ‘Shopping Disorder’

BSD, the buying-shopping disorder refers to an extreme craving or impulse for purchasing or possessing goods. The condition characterized by an obsession for shopping is potentially harmful and can make people undergo post-purchase guilt, financial crunches, lost sense of control, and family conflicts due to extreme purchasing. 

According to a new study the BSD disorder affects around 5 percent of people globally. And with shopping moving online this disorder has shifted from brick mortar shops to online sources.

The ease of online shopping is elevating the risk for people with buying-shopping disorder. This excessive buying disorder has negative impacts and can interfere with a person’s daily routine.  

The study was conducted on 122 individuals already suffering from BSD. The patients included in the study were aged between 20 to 68 years.

While 75 percent of people included in the study were women. All patients who were part of the study were already taking treatment for their shopping addiction.

During the study, patients were advised to fill diagnostic questionnaires which included Pathological Buying Screener and Internet addiction test. The patients were also assessed for depression and anxiety. 

The findings of the study unveiled that younger individuals were likely to have online shopping BSD. And they also exhibited symptoms of acute depression and anxiety.

These people preferred online purchase due to quick and easy procedure. Moreover, online they were able to explore more varieties and shop secretly without being noticed. 

Whereas the other group of patients who opted to shop from physical retail stores was likely to favor the opportunity of touching merchandise, testing goods, and enjoyed the environment and in-person interaction with salespeople. 

However, this addictive behavior is taking a shift towards an online platform. BSD disorder is a part of behavioral addiction and tends to affect the everyday life of people. 


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