The Chance of Stroke is real

No matter how much we love sleeping; there is a downside to sleeping.
Well, as unbelievable as it may sound –it is true. If you sleep for more than 9 hours per night or decide to spend another hour sleeping in the afternoon – the risk of suffering a stroke would increase by a quarter.

A new study warns the people by stating that the people who sleep for more than nine hours a night are 23 percent more likely to have a stroke than the ones who spend 8 hours sleeping.

Also, revealed an interesting fact as opposed to the conviction of the people. As much as older people are asked to rest – it was found that people over 60 who tend to take a nap for more than 90 minutes have a 25% higher chance to suffer a stroke as compared to somebody who takes a one hour nap or no nap at all.

The sample group of the study was 31750 people from China whose average age was around 62 years. These groups of people did not have a history of stroke, whatsoever. However, the researchers are of the view that more research needs to be conducted with respect to this aspect to further understand the association better.

The study was administered for a time period of around 6 years after which it was found cases of stroke increased to 1557. Thereafter, the people were asked about their sleeping patterns and the amount of time they spent sleeping.

It was found that midday napping is a very common phenomenon in China. There were about 8% of people in the study who slept for more than 90 minutes in the afternoon, while there were about 24% of people who slept for more than 9 hours in the night.

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