The breast cancer risk factors

If you have been using permanent hair dye or chemical straighteners then it’s time to rethink. 

A study conducted at the National Institutes of Health has revealed that women who often use chemical hair straighteners and permanent hair dyes are likely to develop an increased risk of breast cancer. They are at a 9 percent higher risk of breast cancer than women who do not use these products.

The study was recently published in the International Journal of Cancer and has disclosed some of the intriguing facts about the use of chemical hair products. The results of the research were based on the analysis of data from 46,709 women. The findings also disclosed that African American women face an elevated risk of breast cancer as compared to white women.

African American women who frequently use chemical dyes within five to eight weeks duration have a 60 percent higher risk of breast cancer.

While the white women exhibit an 8 percent increase in breast cancer risk. However, the research showed no ill effects or risk of using semi-permanent or temporary dye.

Furthermore, concerning the use of chemical hair straighteners, women who use these chemical products after every five to eight weeks develop 30 percent higher chances of breast cancer.

While the associated risk for hair straighteners was the same for African American and white women. Although, the use of straighteners is more prevalent among African American women.

Even many previous studies have established links between breast cancer risk and dying chemicals. Therefore, to avert the risk of disease women can avoid the use of these chemical products.

While to prohibit the use of these chemicals still some solid shreds of evidence are needed in support. As of now, it would be too early to recommend complete avoidance of these products.

Well, if you want to stay on a safe side and ensure no risk to breast cancer then limiting the use of chemical hair products can be a viable option. 


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