Tesla To Release New Modified and Enhanced Software Soon

Tesla is launching the update of new software and is making enhancements to Model X’s and Model S. It is also continuing the damping of novel changes in suspension damping.

However, Tesla has launched novel Raven Model X and Model S vehicles in April. There are various series of upgrades done comprising of the recent flexible suspension.

The automaker is explaining about new suspension and is upgrading the system of air suspension for Model X and Model S. Hence, they are containing the damping of fully-adaptive, feel of ultra-cushion while drifting on the highway. It is using the Autopilot, accessible and stimulating confidence while driving dynamically.

The main point of selling is that Tesla will modify the suspension very easily by using the update of the software system.

With the help of the update of new software, Tesla is starting the modifications in the system of flexible suspension.

In the release notes, Tesla is writing that it is enhancing the comfort in a ride for driving at high speed. Hence, the modes of sport and standard are having the damping of algorithms of suspension. It is adapting at better speeds above 170 km/h. For adjusting on the Adaptive Suspension Damping, it is very important to tap on the control for driving very responsibly.

In previous months, Tesla has made various updates in Model X and Model S vehicles. The update is bringing different changes and features on the basis of car individual are having.

For instance, Tesla is comprising of the enhancements in media volume and makes it easy for speaking while picking or dropping the passengers. It will automatically lower the volume of music as the door is opening. Moreover, while pairing the phone to Bluetooth media, the volume of audio will match the level of volume of a vehicle in spite of the settings of phone volume.

Car owners who are not receiving the Tesla’s new chess game are getting the update in their new software.

Taking electricity

People have started observing the advantage of the new upgradable suspension of Tesla.

There is the occurrence of important enhancements happening in the update of software and is becoming the main standard. Tesla is bringing the suspension in other models.

Even if Tesla is commenting about the enhancements at the speed over 170 km//h. It is not supporting many drivers out of German owners. People are mostly working on breaking the law regularly.



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