Technology impacts on Logistics Industry

 Logistics is one of the important sectors in the Indian economy. It plays a major role in boosting growth and economic development in the country. 

Over recent years technology is playing a key role in enhancing further growth in the sector. The logistics industry is undergoing a huge transformation. New technology trends are bringing effectiveness in logistics and trucking services. Until a few years ago, the logistics sector was prone to delays and uncertainties in shipments. But with penetration of technology in the segment exemplary reformations have been achieved. 

Today, a large number of logistics companies are resorting to technology solutions for easy prediction and timely delivery of goods. The smart tracking systems are and GPS embedded trucks are helping organizations become more aware of their freights. 

  The tracking system provides real-time data about the physical location and logistic material. It enables organizations to track all activities ranging from storage to movement. Moreover, the dynamic routing facility allows efficient management of fleet, thereby substantially reducing the overall time involved in the shipment. 

Apart from this, now a day’s fleet management companies are also switching to smart warehouse management. Implementing automatic sorting and routing is reducing human intervention, otherwise required in the intensive tasks. 

  The automatic sorting saves substantial time by carrying out packaging and route scheduling tasks through its tech-enabled systems. This spares up around 45 minutes for a person to concentrate on more on-field tasks. 

 Among all technology transformations, the most notable one is facilitating seamless connectivity between scattered logistics communities and end-users. Additionally, improved visibility and accountability to stakeholders throughout the supply chain contribute towards achieving high operational efficiency while reducing the associated cost considerably. 

Thus, technology in logistics and supply chain is addressing all pain points specific to the industry. It is providing better analysis of routes and shipments to aid in improving efficiency to the optimum. 




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