Sony, Microsoft to Partner on Cloud Technology

Sony Corp and Microsoft Corp on Thursday mention that they are planning to make a strategic partnership on the cloud technology. The main aim of this partnership is, Sony Corp can use Microsoft’s cloud for streaming media and games. Both companies will work together to develop innovative image sensors.

The agreement in its early stages, along with several specifics to be regulated. The owners of both major franchises Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox platform will integrate to stream content and games. It aims to offer original content and new development tools to the consumer as well as game makers.

Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony Chief Executive believes that for many years, Microsoft has been a leading business partner for us. However, the two companies have also been contending in some areas.

He also said that “I believe that our cooperative cloud solutions development will contribute highly to the development of interactive content.”

How this partnership will beneficial for both companies?

The partnership encourages Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service that helps to push the Redmond. Redmond is a leading Washington-based company that raises market value US$1 trillion the previous month. It also aids Microsoft counter cloud market player Amazon’s Amazon Web Services.

Amazon has also entered into the gaming market. It providing game makers a new development tools, along with its US$1 billion acquirements of Twitch. Hence, it is the top destination of game makers to watch other players challenging in the e-sports market.

Japan’s Sony also a leading supplier of camera chips for wireless devices like smartphones and others.  Microsoft and Sony believe they will develop new camera sensor chips that use Microsoft’s AI technology for business consumers. Both companies did not reveal how these chips will be utilized.

Intelligent cameras are now using in applications such as recognizing defective items coming off producing lines with higher accuracy than human checkers.

Microsoft and Sony said that they will explore how to utilize Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence tools in Sony’s end-user products. This aims to offer highly user-friendly AI experience to consumers.

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