Secure Centralized Vault Using Password Manager Tools

A password manager servers are helpful for many purposes. It helps to keep all your passwords in one encrypted roof. It has the ability to generate strong passwords and automatically inserts them during you log into several websites. You can also store your payment details to simplify online shopping.

Almost all of these tools work on the same principle that creates a master password to access your identity vault, and the password manager then fills in every user IDs and passwords for the apps and sites you use.

Most password managers have multifactor authentication, so access to your information is granted only with correct authentication code and a correct password. That code only exists on your own device.

Let’s have a look at some top password managers:
  • Keeper

Keeper is one of the top password manager tools which provides wide-ranging browsers and devices along with a number of strong authentication methods. The keeper has an SDK (Software Development Kit), enterprise features such as SSO (Single Sign-On) and it integrates with one-tap authentication. It enables your information to be isolated to a precise region across the globe.

Like most of these products, Keeper also supports bio-metric authentication on your mobile. Its records can be shared with those who paid for the Keeper account.

  • 1Password

1Password has been growing its popularity over the past few years. It provides a number of features, in-code integration with several mobile apps are one the important feature of mobile apps. Another interesting feature is the ability to act as an authenticator app, thus users do not need to have both a password manager and Authy or Google Authenticator. So it does not use traditional multifactor authentication.

  • Blur

It is a product that creates instant virtual credit card numbers, provides a dedicated private phone number, manages passwords, and many more. Hence, Blur is the only solution that defends your passwords, payment details, and privacy.

  • Sticky Password

It is produced by Lamantine Software. A share of the license fee of each copy of the sticky password sold is contributed to the nonprofit save Manatee Club. Sticky Password provides support for Chromium, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Comodo, IE, Pale Moon, Opera, Yandex, and SeaMonkey.

  • Password Boss

Password Boss supports iOS, Windows, and Android. With Password Boss you can select what region in the globe your data is stored in. Thus, passwords created in password managers for IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera can be imported into Password Boss.

  • LastPass

In 2015, LastPass was acquired by LogMeIn. The product has continued substantially unaffected after the acquisition, users were troubled about a lessening in free features and the repetition of the premium product’s value from USD 12 to USD 24 per year.

  • Dashlane

The most important feature of Dashlane is it notifies when anyone attempts to steal or access the site. This product can import from other competitors, comprising RoboForm, LastPass, and 1Password. Dashlane also provides options to choose to not save any passwords on Dashlane’s servers.


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