Particle Telescope Technology to Improve Radiotherapy

A research team from the University of Kansas is developing an innovative particle telescope technology.  The technology will help to analyze charged particles that emit by the sun.

However, technology can also be used to analyze doses delivering to patients from radiation therapy.

Thus, what will be the major purpose of the telescope?

Cosmic rays

The main purpose of the AGIL (Advanced Energetic Ion Electron Telescope) is to recognize practices in cosmic rays. And recognize their energies.

As Christophe Royon, KU project leader said, this identical function is specifically useful because it is now “very difficult to do with a small solid-state detector”.

“However, the new telescope will be an invention for NASA,” he states. “The idea is to utilize various layers of silicon sensors and to digitize the signal generate by the sensors. The signal then inspected to recognize the particle type. It may include proton, electron, oxygen, nitrogen, and others. And to analyze its energy.

With the current award of around $1.4 ML grant from NASA, Royon and team have embarked on a 3-year project. The project aims to test, design, and produce the first prototype of the detector.

Clinical Applications

An interesting fact of AGIL technology is the potential of its use in clinical settings. Specifically, for measuring the radiation which absorbs by a patient suffering radiotherapy.

However, as Royon points out, the trouble in measuring the precise dose of the radiation accumulating inside patients. It is actually a “big concern in cancer treatment”.

As per Royon’s statement, improving the spatial invention will enable clinicians to enhance the dose received by the patient. And improve the effectiveness of radiation treatments. However, the result of this completely new approach improving the space-based projects. He is also sure that clinical applications can be able to involve quickly, creating innovative ways to improve radiation treatments.


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