Most Dangerous Technology Trends to Watch Out For

It is usually seen that every innovation in the field of technology brings many features. However, this cannot be true every time. The kind of technological innovations we see today mostly brings benefits but also comes with some form of risks. We must remain prepared and mindful for probable threats and any type of technological misuse. Here are some dangerous technological trends to watch out for.

  • Ransomware

It is one of the highly trending topics in recent time. It shows if advance technology comes into the hand of the wrong person, it can result in criminal and malicious activities. However, it prevents user access to the computer until an amount is paid to a ransom.

  • Facial Recognition

The innovative features of facial recognition have some interesting and useful applications. Though, it also used by few for some sinister purposes. China as well as Russian countries accused of making use of a face recognition system for street and surveillance.

  • Spying Smart Home Devices

There is a growing trend of using smart home devices. These devices listen to you and track your information. This information certainly makes your life much easier but there is also a chance for abuses. Such devices could become the entry door for misuse of your confidential information.

  • Artificial Intelligence Cloning

With the innovations of Artificial Intelligence, it becomes easy to make a clone of any individuals’ videos, voice, as well as photos. It is quite easy to use AI for creating an artificial clone. There are several incidents where this technology misleads people with someone else identity.

  • Fake News Bots

Some AI systems are capable of generating fake news stories from just a headline. GROVER is one example of such an AI system which writes articles just like humans. Many times when fake articles get to spread it may cause serious ramifications.

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