MG focusing on primary effort on Apple Lightning cable

While choosing the cable for phone charging and plugging, people are not thinking twice. However, the project of hacker is changing and is increasing the awareness about the threats of cable charging.

Hacker working on online handle MG is taking the USB lightning cable of Apple and is working with Wi-Fi implant. However, while plugging the cable in the computer, this helps the hacker to operate on different commands while working on screen.

On working with the cable, it is working and looking indistinctly with the cable of iPhone charging. However, while exchanging the cable, the attackers are mostly working on the cable. Thus, they are targeting the different plugs after plugging it in the computer. While working on the nearby device and the Wi-Fi range, attackers are transmitting the virus in large amount in computer. However, the commands and the own code of attackers are provided while working on a nearby device.

After plugging the cable, different attackers are working remotely for controlling the computer. While visiting on different websites, attackers are sending the different phishing pages to the screen of the victim. However, it is distantly locking the screen of a computer for tracking the password of a user when the user logs back in the computer.

However, MG is focusing on the primary effort on the cable of Apple Lightning. Thus, the implant is mostly applicable to different cable and is targeting different computers.

MG claims that the cable of lightning is allowing the attacks for targeting the users. Hence, an implant is adapting to working with the types of different USB cable. Thus, apple is mostly making it difficult for an implant and is the best proof of different potential.

However, Verizon Media is developing inventive hacking techniques and methods for recognizing and fixing the securities. This is helping in attacking the virus in the user’s computer.

Thus, MG claims that different malicious cables are helping red teamers for thinking about protecting the various types of risks. He is claiming that the changes are thinking about the different strategies of defense. It is observed that NSA is having the potentials about the threat models of people.

Several people are aware of not plugging the drives of random flash and are not considering the cable to be a risk.

MG is spending various dollars of his own and the unlimited hours functioning on different projects. Every cable is taking several hours for assembling. However, MG is also working with different hackers for working on different codes and is providing opportunities for cables.

Thus, MG claims that he is working for improving the functionality of a cable and is expanding the set of feature. He also mentions that it is coming down to time and different resources at a point. It is having the list in the head for becoming the reality.

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