LG set to introduce innovation in Cooking with its technology backed Connected Ovens

The pioneer brand LG Electronics is again set to make a hit with the launch of its new LG InstaView ThinQ™ Range with Air Fry. By embedding advanced technology features in its connected ovens the company aims to provide consumers a better at-home cooking experience.

The comprehensive cooking solution boasting a sleek and immaculate package embeds air frying and LG’s premium InstaView™ technology. It also features AI-based advanced customer support and connectivity with popular cooking platforms.

With LG’s new Air Fry technology consumers can now say good-bye to kitchen clutter while making cooking a healthier option. Air Frying technology uses the process of convection for circulating hot air around food; thereby eliminating the need for deep frying. Through this, a healthy meal is prepared without comprising on taste. Since no preheating is needed meals are prepared faster than traditional ovens.


  • The InstaView technology enables easy monitoring of the dish while it is cooking. Simply knock twice on the oven window to illuminate its interior and eliminate the need for repeatedly opening the oven door. This enhances energy efficiency and lowers the cooking time required.
  • The LG’s EasyClean™ feature combined with Self Clean Technology aids in keeping oven cleaner for optimizing performance with every use. The Self Clean Technology uses high temperatures for removing tougher stains, while EasyClean uses steam for clearing away food residues from the cooking compartment.
  • The LG ThinQ app provides seamless connectivity with smart cooking platforms like Tovala, SideChef, and Innit. With LG ThinQ you adjust temperatures and send cooking instruction to oven right from your smartphone.
  • AI-backed customer care provides consumers personalized support. It can send you an alert to make you aware of potential threats. Moreover, by connecting your oven with Alexa or Google assistant you can control it with a voice command from anywhere in your home.

The LG InstaView ThinQ Range with Air Fry is expected to launch on January 7 at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, US.


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