Innovative Developments in IoT Technology

The huge advancements of technology helping to grow the IoT sector at a fast pace. Here are some latest developments that are supporting the growth of the IoT sector:

·         Edge Computing

It is the most important advancements in the Internet of Things sector. Earlier, data utilized from several devices in an IoT setup was transmitted to the cloud in a raw format. Edge computing is changing at a rapid pace. Local points locating in a close vicinity gather the data. This data is then transmitted to the cloud and the overall processes become extremely faster.

·         IoT and Healthcare the perfect Combination

Each feature of IoT benefits the healthcare segment in one way or another. Wearable devices and sensors can gather and monitor the data and promptly forward it for processing. However, health monitors handover analytics which can aid doctors across the globe to explore and deal with the problems.

·         IoT Cloud Development

Cloud services have become greatly crucial for IoT deployment. Due to this, top companies like Amazon adding in hard efforts to add additional offerings to their cloud services. In 2017, Microsoft introduces its “Azure IoT Edge” service. It now enables several devices to run cloud services without actually connecting to the cloud.

·         The importance of AI and Big Data

A large amount of data being together, so its processing is compulsory. However, big data management is becoming vital and rising exponentially with these developments in IoT.

AI technologies are employing highly by several companies in response to the growing competition. The strong relationship is forming therefore among Big Data, IoT devices, and AI. AI helps in sorting and handling through the huge aspects of Big Data and marks substantial growth in its appropriate use.

·         Overview of IoT Operating Systems

We all have been using iOS and Windows for some time. But with the innovations in IoT, these OSs are becoming insufficient. However, real-time responses are essential to work in a timely manner. IoT technologies are introducing many modern and innovative chipsets that might not be compatible with the current OS.


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