Huawei Reveals Harmony OS, but it is not an Android Rival

Huawei Technologies revealing its own OS for smartphones as well as connected devices. The company exposed Harmony OS on Friday. It is an innovative platform specially intended for the number of digital devices. Thus, it will not use for smartphones this year; hence it will use Android OS for now. The main objective of the new OS is to develop its proprietary technologies from software to chips. However, it will diminish its dependencies on US firms among the rising China-US trade war.

US President Trump believes that the US was not planning to do business with Huawei Technologies. But it might change if there was a US-China trade deal.

The company had earlier reveals about the new software. In addition, it provided fueling assumptions regarding effective solutions to find options to an Android OS.

Richard Yu, Head of Huawei said that “The new operating system ‘Harmony’ is exactly different from iOS and Android.”

He also added, “One can develop apps once, then simply install them on the number of different devices”.

US President Donald Trump’s administration has cautioned that the company could be a smart vehicle for Chinese intelligence. Means that, the United State administration which deals with the telecom industries will now need special licenses to continue it.

Harmony is not an Android Contender 

Huawei is not only the first key tech industry developing a steady ecosystem with its proprietary software. But, Samsung Electronic also has been using its own OS ‘Tizen’ for televisions and smartwatches.

Yu also told us that around 4,000 developers have been developing the new OS ‘Harmony’. Thus, the new OS will not an Android rival, but just similar to Google’s Fuchsia. He also states that “it may be difficult for the company to meet its earlier objectives as the US limit inflicted in May”.

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