HCL Technologies Plans to Reach $200 Million

HCL Technologies is planning to reach USD200 million to improve its acquirements of some academic properties of IBM. According to the experts, the Indian IT industries stores cash which they basically return to stockholders.

In 2018, HCL said it would purchase and select software products from IBM. However, it includes their email client Lotus notes, about $1.8 billion.

HCL also plans to take US$200 million in obligations to part-fund the agreement. The analysts said, there will be an estimated cost of USD25 million towards overseas exchange evading payables.

Research analyst, Harit Shah believes that the HCL’s growth strategy is likely to expand in FY20E. However, this is still lesser to higher peers such as TCS and Infosys. We specify that with taking significant balance sheet risk and arriving into the completely different profession of software products more significantly. The company still reported an inferior margin in FY20E.

Shah also expects, the company is likely to take on the future debt of USD200 million. And it clearly shows it is “taking a higher balance sheet risk to boost growth”.

The company’s share price dropping around 4%, or by 46.50 rupees, on Friday to close at 1,086.05/- on the BSE.

HCL has around USD1.12 billion

However, HCL has around USD1.12 billion in net cash assets. Strong peers such as Wipro, TCS, and Infosys have USD4 billion and more than USD5.5 billion, correspondingly.

Infosys, Wipro, and others are using their cash assets to purchase small and medium digital technology firms to improve rapidly. They are also refunding cash to stakeholders.

Aspects such as inferior margin guidance than our expectancy, and further USD25 million cost to forex.

Research analyst, Ashish Chopra believes that the cost of forex cover on debt, the earning estimation for FY20 is inferior by 4.4%. During FY19-21, they are expecting USD growth CAGR of 12% and total earning CAGR of 11.

However, the USD8.63 billion IT services guiding 14-16% shares in FY20. Forecasters largely see a restraining margin despite revenue addition from the IBM business.


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