Google Home Medical App to Help Physicians during Surgery

Recently researchers have developed a new app called ‘Google Home smart speaker which allows physicians to receive recommendations related to medical device size during operation.

It means that surgeons can access all the relevant information of the medical procedure without making use of a computer.

This new medical application has been designed particularly for interventional radiology. It is also called a minimally invasive procedure which makes the use of several types of medical devices.

This app is basically based on voice commands. This means, for example, the surgeon asks Google Home for the perfect size of the case required to implant a stent in a human blood vessel.

“During the procedure, interventional radiologists trust on the nuanced medical information provided in a timely manner,” stated Kevin Seals, MD, lead author of the study, a fellow in interventional radiology at the California University, San Francisco (UCSF).

“When you are in the middle of treatment, you must to remain sterile, so you may lose the ability to use a computer.” He said.

“This advanced smart speaker technology aids us to intelligently and quickly make assessments related to a patient’s specific requirements.”

To develop the Google Home smart speaker app, the development team UCSF took size specifications from various literature reviews. They are more than 475 devices used during interventional radiology procedure. And integrate them into the database of this app. They included devices such as stents, catheters, vascular plugs, and sheaths.

The team implemented a Google-owned software dialog flow to make the natural language processing framework to obtain the device specifications database.  The teal also used Python coding language to create the scripts for executing the logical and the data processing operations. Both operations took place in the cloud.

“There is a number of devices, with introducing each day, making it challenging to determine the appropriate materials or sizing required in each and every incident.

Google home technology enables physicians to focus more closely on the proper care of their patients. And with less time and energy to device procedures,” stated Seals.

The UCSF research team presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting.  The research team says we plan to introduce smart speaker technology. That can provide detailed information about other procedures. Also integrating information such as health records with the voice assistant.

The Google Home medical app is the modern example of consumer voice technology which use to help humans.

For the past few years, researchers at hospitals have been modifying Amazon and Google devices to provide safety checklists, etc.


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