Fortnite: Servers are still Down and Swirling Black Hole on Screen

Fortnite, one of the most popular games all around the world has been under maintenance and unplayable for the lovers. Since the last couple of days, the servers of popular Fortnite have been shut down.

The long hours of shut down are still in continuation and it looks like users will have to wait for more. It widely expected that whenever the game is resumed and run it will the upgraded version of the game. As of now, you can just load the game but you won’t able to do anything further except watching a black hole on a screen.

Right now there are many guesses regarding when Fortnite will come back. The game players haven’t been able to operate any things more than just looking at the black hole.

Users who weren’t able to log into the game in time not only restricted to get into the Fortnite; the character screens were also pulled into staring black hole. At some point in time, the Fortnite even went further their twitter account also deleted their tweets regarding game issues.

Predictions Regarding the Resume of Fortnite

It’s all become a circumstantial and it still in continuation with complete silence. In general, it is quite common that a day is quite enough time for any game server to do the recovery. The company also certainly doesn’t want it to drag it further and rising the current negative wave which increasing on social media.

During all this, PlayStation also issued a statement regarding the game and V-bucks spent by users weren’t gone. Meanwhile, there are plenty of rumors regarding the Fortnite. However, all those are unconfirmed and can’t be believed until any official announcement comes from the company. We can only hope that the game will be back soon and bring something exciting for the users.

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