FCC Planning to Block Robocalls by Default

The chairman of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) believes that closing the scourge of robocalls is the highest priority. However, the FCC plans to announce the most hostile action to achieve that goal.

Ajit Pai, Chairman, FCC, recommends a rule which will enable mobile phone carriers to automatically block annoying calls. These calls often include scams. Hence, with the help of tools that will filter out calls from unwanted or undefined callers.

This action will not stop all the robocalls. However, blocking technology can already be installed by customers.

But the proposal can lead to higher use of the technology that stops calls from unknown numbers.

Mr. Pai said that the American people are tired of illegal robocalls. So, we need to find out the easy way for phone companies to block such robocalls.

A vote on this plan is probably at a conference of the commissioners on 6th June. It is likely to be official.

Robocalls have grown up quickly

In recent years, such illegal robocalls have grown up quickly. Last year, the commission received around 5.8 million consumer complaints about unwanted calls. Since the year 2016 to 2018, the robocalls gain by near around 66%, to 48 billion, according to YouMail.

According to the commission, “not all robocalls are illegal. However, political polling, emergency services, and school and municipal alerts are also delivered by automatics calling.

Mr. Pai believes that the carriers cannot use blocking technology to avoid emergency service calls. With this proposal, carriers will able to recognize the contact number which blasting Americans with calls from unknown sources.  It includes vacation time-share services, student loan agencies, and other services that target people for financial gain. However, the carriers can stop calls from such phone numbers.

However, the commission strongly encourages carriers to offer such services for free, by default, to their existing and future consumers.


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