Facebook set to create its own operating System

Facebook- the leading social media giant is taking a step forward to build its operating system. Through this initiative, the company intends to reduce its future reliance on popular mobile operating platforms, Apple Inc and Google. 

As per the reports by a Facebook spokeswoman, the proposed operating system is likely to focus on future devices, such as smart AR glasses. The social media giant has shared information about developing such software embedded smart glasses but yet to take time in launching anything of this kind.

By getting into such technology developments Facebook is trying to create space for itself in the next generation. Moreover, by developing its own operating system company plans to alleviate its dependence on other organizations. 

In past years also Facebook has tried hands-on such developments. Previously, it tried to develop its mobile device and software layer for HTC Corp handsets. But unfortunately, in both of the projects the company failed to create its mark. Moreover, previously, Facebook also developed a contingency plan to support its apps in case Google Play makes blocks or makes them inaccessible. This contingency plan entitled Project Oxygen provided users alternative access to Facebook apps through other platforms. 

Furthermore, in its initiative for AR glasses, Facebook is still determinant. It hopes that in future mobile phones will be completely replaced these smart glasses. It would eventually gain traction as a primary source of accessing the internet. However, if this happens to be the case Facebook plans to take lead and gain control over software operating on those devices. 

Thus, Facebook is working upon its strategies to strengthen its foundation in the industry. Through its advancements and next-generation developments, the social media giant is securing a place for itself in the future. 


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