Eating fast is Damaging Your Health

Work-life balance is increasingly becoming questionable. With so much to do, we barely take our time to do the things that are the building blocks of our life. For instance, eating. Instead of enjoying our food thoroughly, we have made it a task – we end up eating so quickly that we don’t even realize how little time have we spent on this very important part of our life. Do you know the problems that this could result in?

  1. If you are not mindful of your eating habits – you may end up overeating. It means that you may be at risk of obesity. When you eat quickly, your brain does not realize that you are full and cannot drop the relevant cues.
  2. There is a huge chance that you are taking bigger bites to get done with your food. You may not be chewing it properly and swallowing it quickly. This is hampering your digestion and if you do not pay attention to it now – you may begin to face some serious issues.
  3. People who eat quickly are also at the risk of becoming insulin resistant – which can cause a spike in the blood sugar in the body. The result would be nothing else but diabetes.

How can you do away with this habit? 

Make sure you do not skip meals because the more meals you skip, the hungrier you tend to get. This automatically leads to fast eating. Also, ditch the screens while you are eating – so that you can be at peace and consume your potion well. Don’t forget, chewing properly is the key. It gives you time to eat and would help be away from most of the problems in this world.



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