Chrome’s Tab Context Menu modified by Google

While looking through Google Chrome, it is developing a Chrome browser in the version of cutting edge. However, Google is developing the Tab context menu.

A browser of Chrome on right-click is displaying the several options mostly related to tab. However, an option of the menu list creates pin tab, new tab, bookmark tabs, undo last tab or close tab.

Ongoing forward, many options are not available in the context menu. While right-clicking on a tab in Chrome, displays following different options such as Pin, Duplicate, Reload, Close, Mute site, Close tabs to right.

However, options are creating the new tab, close other tabs, duplicate, bookmark all tabs and close tab of reopening not present in the menu.

Google is moving various context menu of the tab bar. While right-clicking on the tab bar, there are no options such as close tab of reopening the closing tab, bookmark all tabs and new tab available.

However, Google is deciding on making various changes. Thus, chromium commit is providing the explanation for updating the tab and are contexting the frame menu for matching UX specs.

There is the removal of four entries from the menu of tab context. However, it is changing the text on various others for stop saying tab and is adding the entry to the frame context menu. There is a change in the menu related to bookmarking the entry strings from page to tab for steadiness.

Many of the files are changing because of renaming APIs/ enums for matching the changes of string.

As per the commit, a menu of context is updating the match of specifications of user experience. However, development is data-driven and seems like Google looking at the custom numbers starting to move items or remove completely.

Final Words

Various options are available for triggering the shortcuts such as Ctrl-T for new tab opening. Thus, removal will hamper Chrome users using the removed context menu options using the browser.

The biggest strength of Chrome is consistency. However, Google is not really making the changes affecting the workflow of users of Chrome. Thus, Google is making changes affecting the experience of users of Chrome.

Different changes are not present in the context tab menu of Chrome and are capable of restoring the options to the context menu.

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