Can your dog hear you!

Dogs do understand what humans speak. If you are a dog owner and have been arguing about the fact, then science has proven you correct. 

In a new study conducted in the UK at the University of Sussex, a cognitive biologist has revealed that dogs can hear speech as humans do. The study was performed on 42 different breeds of dogs. Dogs were made to listen to the recording of six noncommnad, monosyllabic words.

The words had similar pronunciation sounds and were spoken by people of different ages, sex, and accent. However, owners of dogs were not included in the process. The study presented an interesting finding suggesting that dogs have a speech recognition mechanism similar to that of human beings. 

They can identify words irrespective of the person speaking. They can understand what we say and the way we intend to speak things. Additionally, as we humans recognize the speeches of people based on their age, gender, and social status, dogs can also identify.

They too can comprehend words irrespective of the speaker. Well, animals like chinchillas, zebra, finches, and macaques also exhibit this ability when trained. Until now, only human beings were believed to have this unique ability.  

The observations in the study found that dogs show signs of engagement. They can identify and respond to different types of words. They can detect changes in speech without receiving any formal training for a particular task. 

Thus, your canine companions too can identify what you speak. They can react to words apart from their usual command and request statements. However, the study cannot establish the fact that dogs can understand the meanings of words. Although, they demonstrate the ability of active listening even we are not speaking about them. 

So, luckily, now you can spend considerable time gossiping with your dogs. They might not know what you are speaking but can certainly listen to you. 


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