ByteDance Introduces New Censored Search Engine in China

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok is rolling out an innovative search engine in China. The company entering in this sector recently led by Baidu Inc.

The Beijing-based company ‘ByteDance’ is growing with its core innovations in video, news, and work-place messaging. Additionally, the company is also moving beyond with music streaming, Tencent Holdings contending, and many Chinese technology organizations.

However, the name of this new search engine is ‘Toutiao Search’. Thus, it fits with ByteDance’s product flagship.

The company is already reached near around USD78 billion in the last fiscal round in the year 2018.

Last month, ByteDance stated on social media that it was seeking to appoint the employees to work for the new search engine technology. Thus, the company had appointed technological expert from Internet Giant Google, Bing and Baidu.

This new search engine will deliver the company’s own apps content. It may include Chinese versions of TikTok, Huge range of web and Toutiao. Recently, ByteDance is one of the highly valued startup companies across the globe. Hence, with the growing popularity of ByteDance, Jinri Toutiao has the latent to improve market share than Baidu.

As per the reports, the Toutiao Search delivers censored search engine which is results just similar to the Chinese Search engines. Since 2010, Baidu is one of the dominant search engines in China.

According to the market research, in 2018, Baidu dominates for around 71% mobile searches and about 66% of desktop searches in China. The company reported its huge loss in the first quarter in May from its initial public services in 2018.

“We believe that there will be around two major players operating in this market per year,” said Ping Xiaoli, GM of Baidu.

He also added that “we have been dominating this market since the previous two decades.”


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