Brass Band! A step towards healthy you

If you are part of a brass band, rejoice! And if you don’t then hurry up and join one. Research from the UK has revealed that people who are part of the brass band tend to enjoy a number of mental and physical health benefits.

Simply, by playing an instrument in a group can accord you an improved physical and psychological health. It can help you build stress resilience and effectiveness in pain-relieving medication.

Furthermore, the findings of the research indicated the following health benefits:

  • Playing in a brass band can help people with Alzheimer’s disease. It can support them in managing symptoms associated with the disease.
  • Participating in a brass band is extremely beneficial to people suffering from respiratory diseases. This is because playing a brass instrument can enhance your lung capacity. Especially, people who have an asthmatic problem can witness significant improvements with this.
  • Another notable benefit that the group task of playing in a brass band offers you is an improvement in cognitive health. It boosts your overall mental well being while inducing positive changes to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Research says if you are a part of the brass band you are likely to stay fit. Your general physical fitness is enhanced significantly.
  • Being a part of the brass band provides you an opportunity to improve your social bonding. It helps you keep away from daily woes by developing a sense of belonging with the group. It makes you explore your social side which is evident to combat stress.
  • If you have some cardiovascular issues then consider opting for becoming a brass band member. As it may also support you in managing your cardiovascular health.

The research publishing self-reports of a survey conducted on 346 adult individuals from a brass band has claimed that people who tend to be part of this music group are likely to enjoy better physical, mental, and social well being.


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