Birth Control Made Easier

One of the most haunting thoughts – unwanted pregnancy. The remedy? Birth control pills. They would always come at your rescue – come what may! There is a flaw, though. You must take birth control pills regularly to avoid any risks. If you miss the dose even once – you never know what is to happen. Ever wondered if there is a possibility of eliminating the risk of this happening?

Somebody has and a remedy has now been devised by one of the scientists. They have found a method to pack a month’s pill supply into one. It is a star-shaped gadget that will unfold once it’s in your stomach. It will slowly, and steadily, release the drug to administer its function.

However, it is still not sure when this pill is going to enter the market – but it sure is going to be one of a kind and would address an important need gap. Researchers have affirmed that the drug has worked for animals.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is investing a total sum of $13 million so that further work on research and development can be carried on. Given the backing of such a prominent organization, it does come as a relief that the study and project are in safe hands.

The pill’s existence would only make sense because of the number of problems it would solve. The author of the study, Giovanni Traverso, says that this capsule system was designed in the first place so that it can stay in the stomach for several days, weeks or an entire month, without any side effects.

The technology would take some time to enter into the market; however, the sooner it comes the better it would be.

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