Maria Garcia: Technology/ IoT

One of the youngest members in our team of versatile writers, Maria Garcia is a thorough IoT blogger who keeps the reading momentum soaring with her lucid analysis of critical concepts such as IoT. Technology remains closest to her heart when it comes to articulation. She closely follows ongoing developments across the ambit of machine learning and AI to hone her analytical skills and reflect the same precisely in her IoT centric write-ups. She also cracks new tactics in data security and malware attacks to understand the concept of IoT app development. Her rich understanding on IoT is also reflected in her personal blogs which she regularly updates besides her professional commitment.

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James Johnson: Software

Johnson holds a promising background in academics with a first class degree in Software Engineering. Following which he served as a veteran software architect in the IT industry for a brief period, during which he gathered hands-on experience in software development lifecycle. He has also remained a prime client facing asset of his employers. However, his ardent inclination towards writing has encouraged him to give up his lucrative IT job and rather pursue his highly coveted writing career. James Johnson is one of our most versatile writers and contributes generously towards software specific, engaging write-ups such as latest developments in software applications, data communication processes, elaborate descriptions on development fundamentals, debugging, and testing, amongst a slew of other areas.

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Thomas Williams: Manufacturing/Automation & Hardware

Having completed a master’s degree in commerce followed by a course in technical writing, Thomas Williams takes a close dig into transformative alterations and the wide plethora of countless technological developments in the manufacturing industry that directly influence global economic growth. He possesses acute dexterity in simplifying complex market numbers besides having an unparalleled interests in following recent trends such as industrial automation and advances in robotics that are likely to transform manufacturing industry. Despite his academic degree in commerce, his ardent fascination for robotics and automation has propelled him to peruse online courses in robotic engineering, machine learning, and locomotion. This has honed his grasp over recent developments in the field which he passionately documents in his writing pieces.

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