Artificial flesh- Is that really true?

Well, if you don’t believe your ears, we have got solid evidence in support.

In a unique discovery, scientists in Australia have created an element that resembles the properties of real human skin. The scientists have recreated hydrogel using special chemistry that enables the element to heal itself using a natural process similar to human skin.
This jelly-like material exhibits durability and strength as that of human skin, bones, and ligament. Despite being composed of weak substance hydrogels, the new artificial skin can pick weighty objects and modify shape just like human muscles. 

Transforming jelly-like substance into a tough element with such exceptional properties is indeed a revolutionary discovery. It is likely to change the face of next-generation biomedical tools and soft robotics. This is one of the first and fastest developments of its type. 

Some of the unique properties of this artificial skin include:

  • The modified hydrogels are capable of handling extreme mechanical stress. They can change colors and respond to changes with modifications in shape. 
  • It is the first hydrogel that is capable of exhibiting dynamic properties such as fatigue resilience, toughness, and self-healing. 
  • The artificial skin element can respond to stimuli and can manage tasks in a repeated fashion. 
  • The skin boasts thin flesh films that change their shape when heated or cooled. 
  • The artificial skin element has self-repair capabilities which make it adept for responding to environmental changes.  
  • The properties of the skin element are due to the unique combination of dynamic hydrogen and imine (carbon-nitrogen) bond. 
  • The skin element takes just 10 seconds to bend or twist. 
  • The composition of artificial skin is quite easy to achieve, however, if further polymers are added more enhancement in functionalities can be. 

Thus, the invention is beneficial and power up next-generation soft robot technology. 


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