Apples’ Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa can be hacked by a Laser

Voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant and could be hacked through a laser. However, this laser is equipped on the microphone devices, as per the global team of researchers.

By simply targeting the Microelectro-Mechanical Systems laser along with microphones, the expert says they succeeded to make the microphone respond to the laser light whenever it was sound.
“With the help of this effect, one can infuse sound in the microphones. This can be possible by amplitude modulation of laser light,” researchers said.

According to their research, experts utilized lasers to get overall voice assistant control with the 110 meters distances.

Hence, the researchers have offered their research with Google, Amazon, Tesla, Ford, and Apple. “We consequently maintained contact with several security teams of service providers, in addition to the FDA and the ICS-CERT.

“Consumer trust is our prime priority. We take consumer security as well as product security extremely seriously,” said Amazon spokesperson.


“Our team is reviewing this detailed research and remains to connect with the researchers to know regarding their work.”

However, Alexa is one of the major technologies of Amazon to harness the IoT (Internet of Things). In addition, it aims to connect with a huge range of customer gadgets.

Moreover, to keep their data more secure, Amazon consumers now able to set voice passwords for shopping as well as smart home commands. It is also helpful to access sensitive data including banking and others.

On the other hand, hacking a voice assistant along with a laser needs specialized as well as expertise equipment. It also requires an unobstructed view of the specific device.

With the Ford car, the experts say they succeed to remotely open the doors. Also, they were able to start the car engine with the help of the Ford Pass application.

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