Apple To Launch Its TV Plus Services From November

Apple is launching the service of streaming video in November and this service will cost at USD 9.99 per month.

Company has not yet decided about the price or the release date of service. However, the company prefers the products of Apple against the launch of Disney+. Thus, the game of juggernaut is gaining the streaming service and is deciding of featuring the mixture of original Disney films. Hence, Star Wars content, Marvel content and the original movies and shows are getting the importance because of streaming service.

As per the survey, Apple accounts for USD 51 Bn in the revenue of annual services by the year 2020. Thus, this launch of TV Plus is very important for completing the target.

In the coming November, Apple is coming with the service with only five shows. Thus, shows are The Morning Show, Truth Be Told, See, documentary series Home and Amazing Stories. However, the company is not sure that Apple will have certified content. Hence, the company is trying to have the rights of the Peanuts library and is preparing the Snoopy, educational product for the platform.

It is not the hard arrangement limiting to the five shows, where Apple will add the shows at very slow speed for becoming the rivals such as Netflix. Thus, Apple is attracting big personalities such as Oprah Winfrey. However, he is providing two documentaries to TV Plus. Roger Moore creator of Battlestar Galactica is beginning the show of new space known as For All Mankind. Thus, Apple is expending several millions of dollars on See and The Morning Show. For the next two years, Apple is giving the green signal for lightening the new shows.

Apple accounts for USD 7 Bn in the original spending of content. However, the promise of huge growth from the primary USD 1.5 Bn. Netflix is spending around USD 15 Bn as compared to Apple TV Plus. Disney is increasing the sale by around USD 25 Bn for the streaming and theatrical services.

Thus, Apple is not appearing to launch the service in any place. However, it is making the arrangement of five shows for around USD 11 per month selling something against Disney+. Hence, it is launching the service for around USD 7 each month and is accessible with Hulu. Therefore, the launching of a stripped-down version of ESPN and is providing the service for around USD 13 each month.


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