Apple to decrease the dependency on Samsung

Selling prices for iPhone X have been increasing after its launch. The reasons are varied. The biggest being, OLED screen on X phone models.

Right now, Samsung is majorly providing smartphones with high-tech OLED screens. As per the reports, South Korea electronics is charging Apple around USD 150 each screen.

Apple is trying to source the screens of OLED from various vendors. However, the company is reaching out to LG and sources the screens of OLED. Thus, LG is making the screens of OLED for TV. Hence, LG is not perfect in making the strong panel of OLED for Smartphone. Accordingly, Apple is remaining with the OLED panels of Samsung.

Apple is reducing the belief in Samsung

Though, a circumstance surrounding the panels of OLED is changing. As per the Review of Nikkei Asia, Apple is near in finding the deal with the company of China, BOE for the panels of OLED for iPhone.

As per the report, in the final stage, Apple is certifying the screens from making the Chinese display with BOE Group of Technology for iPhones. On the other hand, the producer of the iPhone is moving very carefully. Hence, the report claims that Apple is deciding on taking the BOE as a provider of the luxurious constituent.

Panels of OLED are considering the best for LED screens as the potential of the former is representing the color. For being the less battery-intensive then the LED screens where OLED screens are flexible and lighter.

Supplier of OLED are enhancing the profitability of AAPL

Several new providers are helping in decreasing the price of OLED screens and are increasing the bargaining power of Apple with Samsung. In order, it is giving the flexibility to Apple for passing the advantages of price to consumers. Thus, expensiveness and different factors are causing the margins of Apple to decrease.

Cost-effective countries like India are benefiting as there is an increase in the shipments. However, in India, there are different symbols of enhancement where the company of iPhone XR is very economical in India. Hence, Apple is producing iPhones in India for avoiding the import tax in the country. This is helping in the sales of World’s largest Smartphone market.

Giants of technology are eager for increasing the sales of the iPhone. However, the revenue of the iPhone is decreasing every year.

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