Apple to add new privacy tools, software, and iTunes

Apple recently launches new privacy tools and software to extend its service offerings to more than 1.4 billion users. However, this announcement declares at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in California. This mainly intending to increase falling iPhone demand across the globe. However, iPhone sales are dropping sharply since the past two fiscal quarters.

  • iOS13

The company launches the iOS 13 operating system for its iPhone users. However, this new version comes with a lot of new interesting features.

iOS 13 also offers a new strategy to evade using sign-in services of Google and Facebook whenever using apps. However, users can able to sign in with Apple ID only. The company claims the feature aims to improve users’ privacy without gathering tracking data through services or apps. However, Google and Facebook collect such personal data for their advertising business.

iOS 13 also comprises an innovative Maps app that offers “complete details about the things around you.” However, it has a new feature that allows users the actual street pictures to reach a specific location.

  • New Apple Watch apps, iPadOS

The company launching the new iPad which will have its own OS to replace the previous one. However, this new operating system is specially designed to make easy use of the device to do more tasks.

However, the company also launches the number of new apps for the Apple Watch device. The new smartwatch Health app is also offering innovative features to provide more precise exercise information. Moreover, the App Store now will be available with Apple Watch.

However, with their desktop and laptop businesses, the company declares that it is flouting its long-lasting music software iTunes. Though, at the end of this year, its software will be dividing into three apps: Apple Podcast, Apple Music, Apple TV.

The company has already decreased the significance of iTunes on the iPad and iPhones. However, iTune would still be available on Macs but with the older versions.


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