Apple Planning to Sale iPhones on a Monthly Subscription

Similar to as Amazon Prime monthly subscription services, Apple also working on a subscription service for upcoming iPhones sale. As per the report, Tim Cook, Apple CEO recently told that the company currently planning to replace conventional sale service. The company is now working on the new subscription-based model for sale.

The upcoming sale service may be referred to as Apple prime. During its 4th quarter, Apple reported that the company is working hard to launch the month basis payment service for iPhones. According to the report, the company will combine all these services like Apple Arcade, Apple Pay, Apple TV+, and Apple Music with the monthly fee.

Now, the company provides an upgrade program to its users. The service enables consumers to update to a new iPhone every year. This service will be applicable after paying for the yearly package. After completing the 12 months payments, consumers will be able to trade their old iPhones with the upgraded service. However, the upgrade program already launched in the year 2015 which is only available across the United States.

Recently the company revealed the Apple TV+ video streaming service in several major markets like India. Thus, the service went live on November 1st. In addition to this, this service costs around Rs. 99/- per month for all the users. For users who buy new Apple TV, iPhones, iPod, iPad, or Mac will get a free subscription of Apple TV+ for a year.

Effectively it is an alternative to the upgrade program of iPhone which offers similar benefits but higher flexibility. Additionally, the user can choose their payment methods according to their schedule. The company has gone innovative ways to solve upgrade cycle issues. Hence, Apple has found a new way to roll an irregular payment with recurring monthly service.

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