Amazon Supports Federal Regulation of Face Recognition Technology

The leading online shopping company Amazon has to join the positions of other companies to acknowledge the hazards of facial-recognition software. And calling on the central government to enforce rules and regulations on the technology.  These include companies such as Google, Microsoft, and others.

Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services CEO said that he welcomes government legislation controlling the misuse of face-recognition technology software.

“However, it may private companies or police forces; they have to be answerable for their actions. And they will be responsible if they misuse it,” said Jassy.

“However, I think the concerns about face recognition technology software are genuine,” he told.

Amazons face Recognition utilizes AI to recognize peoples’ faces with videos and photos. However, an association of 85 groups has to criticize for providing the face recognition technology software to federal governments.  The study also shows that face Recognition has a huge probability of misidentifying dark skinning females as compared to lighter skin females or images.

Andy’s statement impacting a February’s post by Amazon which acknowledging the misusing face-recognition technology.

He also said the company’s position that the consumers must use the consequences of this technology searches in the decision-making process. However, the company provides free training to consumers, he said.

Since the last two years, cloud services have been available. But still, there is any report on the misuse of such technology. “However, Jassy mentions that just because technology misuse does not mean we should condemn it or ban it.”

However, Google now taking a strong stand on protecting the consumers from the misuse of their face-recognition technology.

He said that Amazon currently plans to endure selling technology to federal governments. However, if our administrations don’t have access to all of the innovative software that the private departments have, we are in problem.”

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